What Your Doctor Might Like to Know About Chiropractic

Over the past couple of decades a more collaborative, and mutually respectful relationship has developed between medical doctors and chiropractors. While some medical doctors are still reserved in their likelihood to refer to a chiropractor, others are opening up as research mounts to show the benefits of chiropractic care, particularly spinal manipulative therapy (SMT).

The video below, presented by Dr. Aaron Carrol – a medical doctor himself –  is a short, candid, summary of the current state of research on SMT.

Some key points in the body of evidence:

  • SMT is effective for back pain, and many other pains of a musculoskeletal nature.
  • SMT has been shown to both decrease back pain, and improve function.
  • SMT is a safe therapeutic modality (often safer than conventional medicines), and adverse events are rare.
  • SMT is recommended as a first-line therapy for back pain.

If you, or your family doctor would like more information on evidence-based chiropractic care please contact us – we’re always happy to chat. The more we work together, collaboratively, the better your care becomes.

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