Terri’s May Health Challenge 2017

Post by Terri Rowan, Registered Massage Therapist in Guelph

I was a bit worried going into my fifth May Health challenge that I might struggle with coming up with something new. But I thankfully had a few challenges from previous years that I had thought about but not used, so I am bringing those out for 2017.

I usually try to choose a couple of challenges that will relate to my physical, mental and emotional health. So, with that in mind here is my plan for the month of May:

1) Eat only at the table. This was one I thought I might try last year, but for some reason it didn’t make the cut. I am not one really to mindlessly eat in front of the television or while reading a book. But I will sometimes find myself eating when I’m not hungry simply because I am sitting still or doing a task that doesn’t require a lot of physical involvement. My bigger challenge is standing in the kitchen with an open package of something eating while I wait for my actual meal to be ready. Hopefully moving the task of eating to the table will have me think twice about this. But, with all things, flexibility is required. The exception to this will be Sunday dinner. We have a nice, long standing tradition of Sunday dinner and movie watching that I will uphold.

2) Only eat at the table. What? Didn’t you just say that? Not quite the same thing. When eating I will sit at the table. When sitting at the table to eat I will only eat. No reading. No Instagram surfing. No Facebook stalking. Just eating. And maybe listening to CBC radio.

3) Engage in one social physical activity each week. I enjoy a good run, but I tend to do this alone. I have always liked to exercise alone. But in the past few months I have found some joy in participating in a ballet and kettlebell class with other people. So, I will hopefully continue with this, but would like to add some other social activities that get me outside and enjoying the company of other people. Mostly I really want to get a bunch of people together and skip Double Dutch. So if this is something you want to do you should follow me on Twitter and let me know!

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