Workplace Injury

If you have experienced a workplace injury of a musculoskeletal origin, you are most likely eligible for chiropractic treatment that is covered by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB). The WSIB recognizes the benefits of chiropractic care for a workplace injury.  A 2004 review set out by the WSIB for the Acute Low Back Pain Program of Care confirmed that chiropractors are well poised to effectively and cost-effectively manage acute low back pain patients. Relevant findings of this report included:

  • Workers had a faster return to work with chiropractic care (median 9 days) vs. physiotherapy (median 20 days).
  • There was a high satisfaction level with chiropractic care among patients.
  • Chiropractic patients demonstrated a great decrease in score on the Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire.

 The WSIB Programs of Care include:

  • Acute low back pain Program of Care
  • Shoulder Program of Care
  • Musculoskeletal Program of Care

If you have undergone a workplace injury, there are a few steps to ensure that your claim is managed by WSIB:

  • Report the injury at work as soon as it happens; have your manager or Occupational health department record the incident & injury. In addition, your manager will need to fill in the appropriate forms and submit them to WSIB.
  • As an injured worker, you also need to fill in forms documenting the injury and submit this to WSIB. WSIB will provide you with a Claim Number.
  • Visit your chiropractor as soon as possible after the injury and provide us with your Claim information. Dr. Gill & Dr. Kubert will fill out the necessary paperwork and submit it to WSIB also.

Treatment focuses on decreasing inflammation & pain and restoring proper muscle & joint function. Our goal is to help you to return to pre-injury status and have you back and ready for work as soon as possible.