Physiotherapists help you get moving so that you can do the things that are important to you, whether that’s playing with your grandkids, spending time with friends, working, doing the sports you enjoy, or just being able to go out to get groceries. Physiotherapists are trained to customize a rehabilitation program specifically for you, taking into account your goals, health conditions, age, and current abilities.

I start with a thorough assessment that includes taking a detailed history, finding out what your goals are, as well as specific physical tests and measures. I will then discuss these assessment findings with you and use clinical reasoning to establish a diagnosis.

Together, we will explore your current abilities and develop a treatment plan that is consistent with your goals and your life, while being informed by the best evidence available. I see my role as a guide for you to reach your goals, not a “fixer” of your problems. While I have expertise in rehabilitation and health promotion, you have expertise in your own life, and I think it takes a partnership to get you moving again.

Your treatment plan may involve:

Therapeutic exercise

To help you strengthen your muscles, improve mobility, regain confidence in your body, enhance body awareness, improve your energy levels, and reduce pain (among many other benefits of exercise).


Knowledge is power. Know pain, know gain. The better you understand the science behind your pain, the more you will understand how all the other aspects of the treatment plan will help you take care of your pain. The better you understand the science behind your pain, the less distressing it can be so you can feel calmer.

Manual therapy

This can include joint mobilizations, hands-on stretching, and various soft tissue therapies to reduce pain, help your body feel at ease, reduce tension, and improve mobility.

Psychologically-informed therapies

This can include principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, mindfulness, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. To be clear, I do not treat mental health conditions. However, research has found that how we think and feel about our pain can affect our pain experience. If I am seeing you because of your pain, I need to be aware of and address these factors to provide truly holistic rehabilitation.

Breath awareness and control

Your breath is the gateway to accessing your nervous system. I can help you become aware of how you are breathing and to learn different ways of breathing to facilitate relaxation or excitation.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

Another tool to tap into your nervous system to provide (temporary) pain relief

Collaboration with other health care providers

As great as physiotherapy is, sometimes more is needed. I will help to facilitate referrals, and work with your other health care providers to ensure you are getting the care you need, whether it’s your doctor, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, social worker, dietitian, chiropractor, massage therapist, or psychologist.


Of course, while I compartmentalise each of these above treatment “tools”, in practice there may be a lot of overlap between these tools. For example, exercise and manual therapy can be a way for you to experientially learn more about the science behind your pain. The framework under which I provide care and use these tools is the biopsychosocial model. It’s an understanding that biological, psychological, and social factors all interact and always influence your pain, whether acute or chronic. So don’t be alarmed if I start asking you about the things you think, feel, and believe about your pain or if I ask you how pain has been impacting the social roles you play in your life (e.g. as a parent, friend, coworker) – it’s part of my goal of truly holistic rehabilitation.


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  • I came to Dr. Mark in extreme pain caused by an injury, his continuous treatment and care has enabled me to live pain free with more freedom of movement than I had before the injury.

    Bonnie G.
  • Clear Path Chiropractic has been an invaluable source of pain relief for me. My experience there, from the first visit was exceptional and I owe it all to Dr. Mark Kubert. One of the funniest people I know Dr. Kubert is like a chiropractor a therapist and a stand up comedian all in one! Throughout my treatments with him I became pain free in my back as well as my hip and became able to do my job without feeling the need to cry, now I am still pain free and I understand the steps to take to keep it that way. Always knowledgeable and light hearted, Dr. Kubert never puts you outside of your comfort zone. I give full recommendation to Clear Path to anyone experiencing pain or discomfort or to anyone who wants to stay pain free.

    Sarah D.
  • I'll be 40 years old this year. Given the man that I was in my early 20s (overweight, inactive), it probably wouldn't be surprising to hear that I began chiropractic treatment with Dr. Mark Kubert to deal with a body that was constantly aching from a sedentary lifestyle. Fortunately, that wasn't exactly the case. I began seeing Mark for chiropractic treatments to help prevent injury while I was training for various races. Not only did Mark help me stay in tip-top shape, he also helped me deal with some of the strains of over worked muscles (which led to a wonky ankle/foot, and a strangely tight shoulder). Most of all, Mark made sure to talk to me like a person, and not just another patient file. He truly cares about my entire health - from the food I eat, to the amount of down time I have. From my experience, this is not the norm. If you're feeling off, you should drop in and see him. His smile is more than enough to brighten your day. He's also an exceptional chiropractor.

    Dan G.
  • I have suffered chronic headaches for several years with no exact cause. Sincemy first appointment almost 2 years ago, it was obvious that Dr. Mark Kubert truly listened to my concerns and took the time to talk through my situation and his advice. Through regular visits, he address the aspects of my headaches that arise from the bones, muscles and nerves in my neck, back and shoulders. Dr. Kubert also gives me stretches and exercises that I can do at home to compliment his care. Seeing Dr. Kubert at Clear Path is an enjoyable and worthwhileexperience.

  • Mark's professionalism goes a long way in making a patient comfortable and confident in the treatment that he performs and prescribes. It is nice dealing with a chiropractor who is interested in the root of a problem and wants to help solve it.

    Brad L.
  • Dr. Mark & Dr. Julie have been truly wonderful in serving our chiropractic needs. Taking the time to listen to concerns and problems, taking the time to interact with our kids, and taking the time to inform and show us how to prevent injuries by stretching.

    Jenny B
  • I used to suffer from chronic, severe pain in my temperomandibular joint (TMJ). The treatment and exercises that Dr. Julie Gill prescribed have succeeded in keeping me pain free to date. Thank you Dr Gill.

  • We at Tacoma Engineers had the privilege of participating in Mark’s Wellness Presentations. Each session was engaging, entertaining and VERY informative!  Mark’s ability to dissect the plethora of health-related information we’re bombarded with on a daily basis through numerous media formats, to focus on key and time-tested principles, in order to improve upon our day-to-day lives from an overall health perspective, is truly remarkable.

    Aaron Tacoma Engineers