Workplace Wellness

Would you and your employees like to feel better at work and save money?

Investments in wellness mean a healthier, happier and more productive workplace. Moreover, recent studies show that investments in workplace wellness have a return of 2-3:1, with decreased absenteeism (sick days), as well as decreased presenteeism (employees who are less productive because they are at work while sick or injured).

We firmly believe that a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to healthcare is the right choice for communities and organizations. We know that you’re busy growing your business and that employee health is just one item on your plate, so let us help you build a healthier and more productive workplace. Here’s how:

What we’re offering – A wellness micro-series of three compact but comprehensive sessions that address specific aspects of healthy living: Feel better, Fuel better, Function better. Each session is approximately 15-20 minutes in length and covers topics from nutrition to stress reduction to physical activity.

Function Better

Our bodies are meant to move, and even something as simple as getting up every 30 minutes can help you feel refreshed and energized as the day proceeds. Find out what you can do to add activity into your day and how it can significantly improve your health.

Fuel Better

There is so much intricate and conflicting information in the world of nutrition these days. Let us break down the confusion with some simple action steps to take healthy control of what’s on your plate.

Feel Better

Your thoughts and emotions have an enormous impact on not only your mental health, but physical health as well. This session will outline how your body and brain work together, as well as provide strategies to stay sharp and alert.

How much will it cost? – As part of our commitment to wellness in our community and building positive relationships with healthy organizations, we are proud to offer this service free of charge. We believe this small investment will yield big dividends and help your employees better understand their own health and create a more productive work environment.

What’s required of you? – We need a space where your employees and coworkers can sit comfortably, eat their lunch, and learn. A projector with a laptop connection would be appreciated since the presentation features several visual elements.

We are confident our presentations can have a positive impact on your business. Please contact us today and set up a session for your workplace. We look forward to the prospect of a partnership with you.

  • We at Tacoma Engineers had the privilege of participating in Mark’s Wellness Presentations. Each session was engaging, entertaining and VERY informative!  Mark’s ability to dissect the plethora of health-related information we’re bombarded with on a daily basis through numerous media formats, to focus on key and time-tested principles, in order to improve upon our day-to-day lives from an overall health perspective, is truly remarkable.

    Aaron Tacoma Engineers