Low Back Pain

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Low Back Pain or Disc Herniation in Guelph?

Are you dealing with back pain and hoping to find relief? Well landing here is a good start. Our goal is to help reduce your pain and improve your function in as few treatments as needed. But first take a brief moment to read below – you’ll gain a better idea about what’s going on with your back, and what can be done to help.

Low back pain affects about 80% of the population at some time during their lives. It can range from an annoying tweak to a debilitating injury. One cause of low back pain and/or leg pain can be a lumbar disc herniation.

The low back is made up of five vertebrae and between each vertebrae is a cushion called a disc. The outer part of the disc is composed of a tough, flexible covering made up of strands of collagen. The inner part of the disc is a jelly-like substance. Together, the two components of the disc provide support, mobility and shock absorption for the low back.

Although the disc is strong, it is susceptible to injury. Repetitive motions such as bending forward, backward and twisting side to side can lead to breakdown and low back pain. As well, stationary positions, such as prolonged sitting, can lead to degradation. Small cracks and fissures can develop in the outer casing of the disc and over time these cracks can become large enough to let some of the jelly within squeeze out: this is known as a disc herniation. In some cases this condition can also put pressure on the surrounding nerves of the low back.

Symptomatically the process may start out as minor low back pain that comes and goes. As the injury progresses, the pain can increase in both frequency and intensity. Ultimately, a full disc herniation may result in local low back pain coupled with severe pain, tingling and weakness into the leg and foot.

Chiropractic treatment in Guelph for disc herniations can vary depending on the stage and severity of the symptoms. Initially joint mobilization and adjustments along with some electrical modalities can be used to help decrease the pain. As treatment progresses specific exercises and stretches are incorporated to help restore proper spinal function. At all stages, the original factors that led to the injury should be avoided. Disc herniations may take several months to resolve but can be managed effectively with proper treatment.

Everyone’s back is different. Sometimes back pain clears up quickly, and other times it can take longer. As stated above, we want to help you get better in as few treatments as needed. So please contact us or book online – we’re here to help.