Getting Healthier? There’s an app for that

health app icon - guelph chiropracticA big part of the chiropractic lifestyle that we promote at our clinic includes encouraging our patients and the public to find ways to stay active, eat better, and keep the mind calm and sharp.

One of the most recent ways people are improving their health is through the use of technology. While you may already be aware that the vast interconnection of tubes we call the internet is on computers these days, there are also specialized program applications, or “apps”, available for your healthy endeavors.

Even though it’s such a new venue, health apps are already all around us. From running, stretching, and meditating, to yoga, heart rates, and zombies (yes zombies for better health) there is an app out there for almost every taste and style.

A great place to start is to read this article by Techcrunch who describe many of the latest and most popular health apps (thanks to @waltmore for bringing it to our attention).

One thing to note, however: although health apps are well meaning it’s a good idea to check with your health care provider if the one(s) you have your eye on are right for you. This is especially true for apps that offer different work out, exercise, or dieting routines that could put more stress on your body than what’s healthy.

If you have any questions about a certain health app, or a particular aspect of it, check in with us. Just like the apps, we’re only a click away.

Do you have a favourite health app that has helped you?

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  • Dawn Wentzell

    I got a FitBit for Christmas and have been loving it. It’s a little more than *just* an app, obviously, but it’s great fun. The day I got my first 5000 step badge was pretty exciting.

    I also use SparkPeople, which is mainly a website, but they also have mobile apps that let you record activities and calories on the go. And it gets my fitness activity directly from FitBit, so that part doesn’t require manual entry.

    Also, my FitBit is pink. Which is awesome.

    • Dr. Mark Kubert

      That’s great to hear, Dawn. I think it’s pretty cool what all is available these days to help promote a healthy lifestyle. It’s neat to see how the reward systems and gamifying certain aspects can be powerful motivators for continued participation.

      Also, power to the pink.

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