Guelph Sports Injury Care

Text saying "Get back in the game" next to a pair of running shoes

Maybe you were pushing hard for that extra goal?

Perhaps it just started out of the blue?

Or was it something you noticed over time?

Regardless, you now have an injury that’s keeping you on the sidelines. Not only does it hurt. Not only is it keeping you back from making progress. But it’s cutting into the progress you’ve pushed so hard to gain.

If this is your first time dealing with a sports injury you’ve made the right decision to seek help. And if injuries are old hat for you, then you know the consequences of not managing it properly from the start.

That’s where we come in…

At Clear Path we offer effective, evidence-based therapy to decrease pain and speed up recovery. Whether it’s hands on treatment, focussed rehab exercises, or a combination of the two, we’re confident that we can get you back to peak performance.

Pain Relief and Injury Healing

When it hurts, we’ll help it stop. We apply manual therapy combined with the latest in pain science research to calm the ache and facilitate healing.


Once the initial pain subsides we’ll incorporate the stretches, strengthening, and the mental focus you need to be 100%.

Improved Performance and Bullet-Proofing

You’re feeling well. Now you want to know what you can do to prepare your body to be as resilient as it can be for the future. Functional Range Conditioning is a great way to improve strength, flexibility, and mobility specific to your sport.

As with any health endeavour, choosing who you want to work with needs to be right for you. Take the opportunity to book a free consultation with us, and see if we’re the right fit. We’re always happy chat.